Who we are


IEC GROUP specialises in optimal foreign language teaching and learning solutions, hand-selected for the Vietnamese market. As an energetic and innovative organisation, we aim high in leveraging our decades of combined experience and diverse connections. With a history of working with "lighthouse accounts" across the industry, we help innovate new systems and materials, elevating the industry through enhancing teaching and learning quality

What we do


We provide software, books and learning equipment for students, and are dedicated to ongoing improvement in teaching quality. In addition, our experts work directly with clients to advise on financial and operationals strategies to maximise their business success. Every initiative we undertake keeps building our stellar reputation for providing the best service to education providers, and best-in-class support to the students to reach their learning outcomes. We help schools find materials and content that values ease of use and convenience to your organisation, while also ensuring it is suitable for the students, teachers, and the school at large. With our deep understanding of education in Vietnam, we can help you build models that integrate everything together in the process.